Friday, June 08, 2007

Sad To Report

I am sorry to say I no longer keep Dachshunds. It pains me to say so and have avoided even thinking about it let alone telling it on here.

Dachshunds have a thing for grooming each other. In the process they chew off great clumps of hair. Not so much of a problem on each other but a dangerous problem on the Lhasa Apso that I also keep.

Now, Tilly came very close to choking herself to death, or getting a blocked intestine. Fortunately for her after much retching and running around she managed to bring up a HUGE lump of matted together icky Lhasa Apso hair. (If you look, you would swear that a razor did the job of removing the coat)

We started to keep the LA and Dax apart. this soon palled and was clearly unfair to both sets of dogs, especially Tilly the Dax who had to kept alternately in a cage.

I had already parted with her offspring and Alice. I couldn't part with her. She was 5 and adorable. One day, just the right home came up and after soul searching realised this was the perfect home for Tilly and the right thing to do by her. She would be totally free again.

With heavy heart I let her go. I warned that Dax were one person dogs, that she would pine, that she wouldn't eat, she would howl. And if she could speak she would beg to be brought back to her man.

Well.....that first night, she laid herself across the lap of the new man in her life and watched tv.
She stuffed her face with food. She played with the child and promptly made her self comfy in that armchair with the man again.

Ungrateful, fickle, little madam she turned out to be.....
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