Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh Pigs

Home safe and sound, just about.

Saw a funnel cloud form! Then it dissipated. Thankfully.

Torrential rain and thunderstorm almost washed my car off the A1 on the way home.

Dogs behaved really well but not their day today.

Hips been thoroughly told off and warned I shall replace them if they don't behave.

As regards the last para in previous post, I think the humour is more understood by Brits. Offence giving not on menu.


Gail R said...

I love the British sense of humor - just quirky enough to be very appreciated rather than the 'in-your-face' type shoveled out here.

Laura said...

Thanks for visiting my bog :) The microwave was on fire after my daughter put macaroni in a bowl and forgot to add the water. Not a pretty picture or smell :)
I see that you breed Miniature Long-haired Dachshunds. That is the one breed I am considering when we are ready to add a dog to the family. How are they with cats :)

Knitman said...

Laura-I have never been to you house let alone visited your bog!

Holly said...

Sorry the pups did not do better, but glad you were well enough to make the attempt

Laura said...

lol Well sometimes it can be a bit of a bog around here. Thanks for visiting my blog :)