Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eight And A Half Weeks

It has been 8.5 weeks since I stopped smoking.

Do I feel better? No, not physically.

Am I glad to be out of the control of a substance? Very much so! I LOVE not being controlled by my addiction to nicotine. I am free of it at last.

Now I have no vices left all, not even drink, unless you count w*****g.

I have discovered that people who smoke STINK!!!! Seriously, they smell awful.

Not smoking has played havoc with my taste buds. No, it has not made everything taste better at all! It has made some things taste better, other things taste awful and caused me to spend ages trying to get the taste I like!

Coffee - didn't taste strong enough. Then I realised that it was the milk, as it has lactose in it, that I needed to cut back on. I only used a little anyway! Mind you even my morning black coffee is stronger now. I adore coffee and have one of these bean to cup machines. Wonderful. I drink real coffee or decaff depending on time of day and whether or not I have had my quota of 2 real ones.

I stole a spoon full of John's Baked Beans. YUK! Ickity ick! So sweet!

I made a stir fry chicken with chilly. Too HOT!!!!! Yyet I had used only one green chilly where I would normally had used 2 or 3.

I can't eat my favourite cheese at all now -Gruyere- far too salty.

However, am I sorry? NO WAY. Not smoking is wonderful.

Yes, every now and then I could murder for a fag. But it passes, usually very quickly. My worst times, for some reason, are at dogs shows.

I did 20 lengths at the pool last evening. I have dropped 3 lbs. I am very very tired today, in fact fatigued and in pain, especially my hips, so will not do anything today and will go to the pool tomorrow. Being in the water is lovely. Of course it really helps re the arthritis in my joints and spine but I forgot I also have a neurological problem and that effects my muscles and coordination and tiredness just makes it worse. It isn't tiredness, it is fatigue which is worse than pain in my book. And if you don't know the difference between feeling tired and being fatigued, be thankful.
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