Sunday, June 07, 2009


The dog show on Friday went extremely well. Whitney was reserve Best Bitch for the second time. This means she won the Reserve Challenge Certificate. So if the winner of the Challenge Certificate is disqualified, Whitney gets it. It rarely if ever, happens. the point is the judge must sing a declaration that the dog or bitch is of such outstanding quality as to be worthy of the title of English Champion.

It was a cold day and it kept threatening to rain but it did no more than spit a bit. For once the disabled parking was very close to where I was showing so that was good too though the toilets were far away. I am going to see if I can have a catheter and bag fitted for dog show days.

My next show is on the 17th (Wednesday) in the Malvern Hills again, at the Three Counties Showground.

The puppies are coming on nicely. I am glad I followed my gut and kept Carly, the gold n white one, as it looks like it is she who is turning into the swan. James is very iffy and it looks like he will not make the grade after all. Bridget is still good, just being overtaken by Carly. One of these I will show and the other I will breed to Luque when the time comes. Luque is Whitney's dad.

Is it unreasonable of me to be irked by the following? I have ordered twice from Knit n Caboodle here in the UK. I was so impressed with the speed with which my first order arrived, I telephoned them to say how pleased I was with both the speed and the quality of my order. The phone wasn't answered at a couple of different times so I emailed. I got no response. I made another order and this one was delayed. In fact I ordered from the USA on the same day and that order arrived first. Anyway, I emailed Knit n Caboodle again, this time asking if there was problem. I got no response. My order arrived two days later. What irks me is the lack of any acknowledgement at all of my communications. It makes me feel as though I don't want to use them again. It makes me think they don't care one way or the other. After all, I made no complaint, I had no reason to, the first was praise the second was a question. Surely a response was in order?


Iris said...

Yes, that behavior would, and has, irked me. Nothing frustrates me more than a lack of response to a direct message.

Nan said...

Yes, it would irk me. Probably enough to take my business elsewhere if it continued. It really doesn't take much effort to be polite and when there is customer satisfaction on the line it would seem to be mandatory.

Kate said...

I've had problems with them too with something I bought off them on Ebay. You don't mind so much waiting for things if you just get a response acknowledging that you are waiting!

Georgina said...

Definitely irksome. I think responses to nice comments are as important as to requests/problems. Communication is key to the reputation of a business. You are justified in your irk!!!

Dorothy said...

Not the first time I've heard about this problem with Knit n Caboodle. Someone else had such trouble finding out about her order that she thought they'd gone out of business, eventually (after repeated attempts to contact them over several weeks) they responded and everything was sorted out.

Maybe this small business gets swamped by demand at times?