Thursday, June 11, 2009


ARRGHH! I have a job. Full-time. Almost. I started work at 10.30 am and just finished now at 3.15pm.

I hadn't thought how much work would be involved in getting rid of my stash on Ebay. It is going well. i have to print out addresses, package it, go to the PO. Email people, send invoices. Get the cones, photograph them edit them, list them.

I think this job will last me 2 years of daily selling.

If I last that long.



Knitting-twitter said...

hi Colin, no need to rush with me ok if I should win again... all the best.. Christa

FuguesStateKnits said...

Drool, sigh, sigh, drool!
Too bad you're in the UK, Colin!
Although the economy in my house would certainly suffer if you were in the US!

Unknown said...

It will go faster with time. I know it is a loss for you, and involves grief, but at least you are making someone else happy, so it isn't a total loss. I once had to destash my needlepoint, looked at one piece which had been "this close" to finished for years, literally kissed it goodbye and tossed it.

Anonymous said...

Cripes Colin, just how much HAVE you got????