Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Heidelberg castle view from below (duh!).Water feature in Heidelberg.
These two sculptures represent 'ignorance' above' and knowledge' below. Man asleep and Man awakening though knowledge. In Heidelberg centre.

As I arrived at the pool, I saw a woman who goes there regularly, stumble just like I do and all she was doing was standing by her car. I asked her why she stumbled and if she did it a lot. I already knew this woman has spinal problems like me. She said the stumbling is to do with the spine problem. PHEW! She was a nurse and this is what her consultant told her. She has had her spine operated upon, which I have not and doubt I would allow. Anyway, it is really a relief to know that my frequent stumbling is connected to my spine problem. I always feel better if I know what is what.

This morning's swim was challenging. The morning session has become rather busy. Unfortunately, the new people lack manners and common sense. They see all of us swimming laps and they decide not to, and do as they please, not caring whose way they get in. They also have the cheek to complain rudely if they get splashed or swum into! Most of these people have been on this planet a very long time from the look of them. You'd think they might have picked up a thing or two during that time. Or have they sleepwalked though life?

My hips are being a real pain, especially my right one. I need a new body, perhaps David Beckham's without the tattoos.

I have a dog show on Friday. Of course the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Not wet, just dull and cool. That will do. Dog shows and rain are not much fun.


Iris said...

You have taken the most wonderful travelogue of photos on your trip. I just love that you put them on just any post at all.

FuguesStateKnits said...

It's interesting you mention this as a problem related to spinal issues. My Dad has had spinal stenosis all of his life - the bone bits of his spine pressing on the spinal cord and doing all sorts of painful things. He's had surgery to remove the bone growths and ease the pressure, but in recent years he's developed something called gait apraxia, which has caused him to stumble so badly that he had three falls, two of them life-threatening, in the course of three months. Gait apraxia is when the impulse from your legs to the brain doesn't sync quite properly and down you go. He walks with a walker now because on top of the gait apraxia, he has some crushed vertebrae that needed fixing. He's in constant pain and like you, holds back on the painkillers to avoid getting hooked.

FuguesStateKnits said...

PS Heidelberg looks beautiful! I was there twice - once in 1970 (believe it or not on a school trip!) and again in 1975 while studying in Mainz. The second time I went to a wine tasting at the castle with a friend and had a blast:)