Sunday, June 21, 2009


I have been sorting out my yarn stash and I have found some stunning yarns. I almost cried but then just told myself it will be better off elsewhere.

The point is much of it is very fine weight, 2/28, cashmere, cashmere silk, and some even finer and other luxury yarns too.

Some of it is one very large cones of 1 - 2 kgs. I was thinking of knitting 100gm blanks on the machine and selling it that way. The reason being that if I wind it into 100 cakes, it is likely to end in a tangled mess for the buyer when they try to knit it or re wind it a sit is very fine. The cake idea works well for 4ply (fingering, sock weight). There is no problem with either re winding the knitted 100 gm blank or knitting str8 from it. It is oiled so must not be washed while in the knitting blank state but after swatching and completing your knitting.

Anyone have a thought?

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Yarnhog said...

Well, I'm thinking anyone who is going to knit it single strand is going to be using a machine. I assume it needs to be on the cone for that? Anyone who is going to hand knit it probably will hold it multi-stranded. (I know I would.) So maybe you want to offer it on the cones and see if any machine knitters want it, with the option of knitting it into blanks or winding it off into multi-strand balls for handknitters?

Bignicelady said...

I prefer it on the cone. If I want multiple strands, I will wind a cake myself but that is just me... always the DIY... lol
I would be more likely to buy a kilo of yarn than a, say, 400 gram cone (not sure I could finish a sweater with 400 grams, both hubby and I are "kingsize"), and much Much more likely to buy a 1 kilo cone than a 100 gram cake... like, about 100% more likely ;o)
But I agree with Yarnhog on an option of "blank on demand" or "wind on demand" if your health allows you to offer that and I would think that people might want to pay a little extra for that service.

Mary Beth said...

Gorgeous gorgeous yarns at your ebay store. I can sure understand all the angst at saying good bye to it. Oh, Honey, you have such good taste! Alas, I am not knitting as I thought I would be either. Am at such a cross roads with my commercial sewing/knitting/personal sewing. My road is not clear yet.

AR said...

Hi Colin,

Like the writers above I also prefer 'on the cone' (having rec'd two beauties from you this a.m.)
But, as mentioned the offer of blanks or cakes (if you're up to doing it)for additional cost may bring in more buyers.

Take care