Friday, June 12, 2009


These are the pairs I am working on now. The top one is 4ply / Fingering 75% wool 25% Nylon. I have devised a travelling type rib for these. It goes form 2 x2 to 4x4 to 2x2 again and so on. The needle is a Hiya Hiya 1.75mm. 92 sts total. Unfortunately, I could not get the yarn to do something more interesting with it's colours. The gauge is 11spi x 14.5 rpi.

The bottom one is the Schafer Anne yarn which is being knitted on a 1.5 mm Hiya Hiya as it is really thin at 560 yds to 100gms or something like that. It is a wool mohair nylon mix. This is an ordinary 2 x2 garter rib. 100sts total. As with the above, the colour distribution isn't thrilling but it is nice and feels good too. The gauge is 12spi by 16spi.

I altered the recipe for both of these socks. When looking at my foot, I realised that my instep started to rise abotu half way along my foot, yet I wasn't increasing for it till much later. On these socks I started to increase at half the length of the foot before heel. My total foot is 10" so I knit a foot 9" before I turn heel. I start to increase for instep at 4.5". I increase both side of sole by 1st every 6th row.

The paper clips I stick in every 10 rounds. This is how I keep count and do not lose my count as I do when using a round counter as I forget to turn the bloody thing.

Today has been a good day. I put more stuff up on EBAY. I am quite getting into the swing of it now. I am just about managing to be ruthless and only keeping the colours John or I will wear, more or less.

I did my normal swim. As I did yesterday. I had Wednesday off and will have tomorrow off. I think if I stick to this, 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off and make at least two of those days 'rest' days, meaning staying out indoors, I think i have a routine that satisfies my needs for my body and for my mind.

Being Friday, I'll pick John up, get Daniel in the car, and go and take him for a spin around Tesco's. I quite like that.

It has been a sunny day although it took till the afternoon before I felt warm. I stopped arguing with myself and put the heating on. I argue with myself about that the same a is do about taking the drugs. Shall I? Shan't I? Round and round. I feel guilty for both. Heating in June? Do I really need pain killers? I spent some time around people who were very anti mood altering substances to the point one twat even had an op without meds! This is a long story and I have no time to go into now nor the inclination really, but I have hang overs from that period of my life and it has stuck with me enough so that I feel guilt for medicating myself. The only way I have noticed it change my mood is that I become less crabby once I stop hurting!

SIMONE and DONALD SWAN - I see them most mornings on the way to the pool. I noticed a while ago that they were nesting. Now they have 5 cygnets. Very cute.


Kate said...

You really should make a little book of all your lovely sock patterns, you know - I'd very gladly volunteer my services to type them up for you.

nana said...

What happens if you stop arguing with yourself about whether to take pain medications or put the heating on or not.
I know it is hard to do, especially with a background like ours, but you deserve to have a pleasant life and if that means to heat up the house to feel comfortable it does not matter if it is June or not.
I hope you will be able to leave that behind some day and just do what is needed to feel good. You deserve this, and it is no 'special treatment' you give yourself, it is what you need to be comfortable.

Right now this is a lesson I am practising all over again, and I am really happy you chose to get Daniel and take care of meing more independent with such a choice.
If it is pain meds you need, why deny them? you do not have to be a toughie ;-)and we all who know you can learn a big thing from you :-)
Now I stop rambling.

Anonymous said...

hugs my radiator next to me... I put the heating back on it's been bloody freezing.... however my greenhouse is warm, so I quite like joining the tomato plants to sun myself.

Can we have photos of the Swans and cygnets, on our local lake the ducklings and cygnets don't last long. We've actually watch them get pulled under by something big in the lake. Shudder.

Susan said...

Colin I have to say your socks are beautiful. sigh, I guess patterned socks are not my forte but I certainly admire yours. 1.5mm needles!!!!!very impressed.. I thought I was doing well with 2.25mm.
Turn the heating on when you need it. Who gives two hoots if it's June? My heating came on at the office yesterday. It stayed on long enough to take the damp out of the air. I am always cold. Medications here are dispensed in bottles but they have these bloody child guard caps. You have to practically sign in blood that there are no children within a hundred miles to get a screw top bottle. I would like to take a hammer to the darn things. hint : pierce the blister pack with a knitting needle.
Take care,