Tuesday, June 02, 2009


When we were in Heidelberg we met the above man. The only man I have ever met knitting. He was there for a demonstration, (G20 I think). He was a peace activist and had been all his life. He was married with many children. Nana gathered all this info as I do not speak German.
Nana took this picture of John and I. Despite the sunshine, it was cold. That is Daniel I am sitting on and you can make out his little joy stick on the left near my arm. I tell you, Daniel has been a real boon for us. I get out more now and John doesn't have the hassle of pushing me and I do not have to contend with being pushed. I hate it. I used to quite happily manoeuvre myself in the manual chair but now it is too hard on my shoulders.

I had strange dreams last night. Like I do most nights really. We were on an aeroplane to come home from Brazil. I know this part is because of the plane that disappeared yesterday en route form Rio to Paris. Anyway, I was uptight and I could not find my drugs. I was most concerned about my heart drugs. I asked John where they were and he said 'where you left them'. I said the last place I had seen them was on the settee at home. 'then that will be where they are'. he casually said. I was stunned! I told him that as he did all the packing, at his insistence, he was the one who forgot my drugs, He did not seem at all concerned and said, 'well you can take them when we get home'. The plane had yet to take off as it was still taxi-ing to the runway for take off, which for some reason was miles and miles. You know what dreams are. I was getting more and more flustered because I am afraid of flying, badly. Then I heard a voice waking me up and it was John telling me I had to get up to take him to the station. Of course I had the hump with him for forgetting my drugs!!!!

F**k knows what this dream was about. John is conscientious and would not forget and he would not be casual about my drugs.

We were in WH Smith's the other day and when we went to the checkout I paid using the card,. I was in Daniel. The woman looked at John and asked him,'does he want the card machine down there?' !!!!!!! Sometimes I think I should pull faces and drool.

Yesterday we went to Springfield's. We ate lunch there. They have a carvery in the restaurant and it is good. Just right for me, meat and veg, no carbs. We bought some shirts, John formal and me coloured Polo shirts. Very cheap too. The shops at Springfield's are all big name shops but outlets for the off season stuff or stuff that didn't sell for some reason. We also went into Gap. Ickety ick! Poor quality clothing. Really. We attracted by the colours and good window display but really the clothing was poor. No wonder we craft people who make excellent quality clothing can't get the dough for it if people think Gap is so good! (You don't think Gap could sue me do you for this opinion?)

After Springfield's we went to Morrison's, our favourite supermarket. We only go about once a month or less, and we do a big shop and fill our freezer. It is 27 miles from home. Pity it isn't closer. I'd choose them over Tesco any day but Tesco have a strangle hold over this country as far as grocery shopping is concerned. Funny, they say they give us choice. Actually all the supermarkets have taken our choice way from us. The small shops have all closed, the high streets are dead and we have to go out to the big supermarkets to buy what they have for sale, not what we want. That is not choice. The range of foods on offer at British supermarkets is abysmal. If they really wan to improve they should pop over the water to France and visit a Carrefour. That would show them what a supermarket ought to be about-choice. Instead, they only sell the basics here, with the odd 'special'. Juts one example. In salad dressings you can't buy yoghurt based ones. You have Helman's, light version of same, own brand same, Paul Newman's dressings. Most high fat and or high sugar. The selection of light is poor. Nothing for variety really either and if you want sauce you get to choose between various brands of tomato sauce and brown sauce. This is not choice. I can feel my blood pressure rising so I shall stop now.


Iris said...

What a disturbing dream!

I don't think Gap can or would sue you for saying you don't like their clothing. Good for you for noticing the bad quality! I don't know how manufacturers sell anything, to tell the truth. Even high cost clothing has hems that unravel because they don't know, or don't care, to secure the beginning and end on their sergers. Nothing is more aggravating than paying money for "quality" and getting garbage.

Susan said...

The man knitting is wearing Alice Starmore's sweater from Celtic Knitting!! I know what you mean about supermarkets. we had a really nice one near here. They closed down for 3 month and reopened as a "no frills" market. Yuk I shop by brands. They may have it this month but not next. Terrible attitude with the staff also. I grew up in a smalltown. My mother did all her shopping at a family owned grocery and the husband was the butcher. We never went to the big shops. Guess I was spoiled at an early age.

joannamauselina said...

One of the two coldest days of my life was in Heidelberg on a sunny day in May. Brrrrrrr!
Nice picture of you and John. And of the knitting man as well.

Yarnhog said...

I love that picture of you and John. You look so happy!

BammerKT said...

Oh we run across knitting men fairly often around here, and spinning ones too.

You and John look so handsome and happy in the sun! Glad Daniel has made life easier for you. What a surprise and blessing!

FuguesStateKnits said...

Great pic of you and John and of the knitting activist! We have quite a few male knitters around, although sadly not as many as the women.
Sounds like that saleswoman was quite the moron! You should have said, "Yes, will you kindly bring it here?" What a ...fill in the blank!
We have been very lucky with food markets here. Even the chain stores get the organic veggies and things like Greek yogurt. Even if they don't we have the fancier chains like Trader Joe's and Wegmanns around. Also in our town are two health food stores with all sorts of good things.
So we are very very lucky here in Merlin!
As far as I know there is freedom of speech in England, isn't there? One is always entitled to one's own opinion. At least that's the way it is in the States. Perhaps rather than suing, they should take heed of what you are saying! Wouldn't that be something!