Saturday, June 27, 2009


Not a good day so far. I can barely walk and am having to use the sticks inside today. I didn't feel this bad last night when I got home from Blackpool.

Blackpool was a lovely day, windy but warm. It got a bit too warm for my liking. Whitney showed herself off as she always does and was 2nd in her Limit Bitch class.

Over two weeks ago a woman bid on my yarn. She won. After a few days she wrote and asked if she could delay payment until items she was bidding on finished the following week. Although miffed that she had not asked this of me on the day of having won the bid, I agreed. SEVEN days after the second wins she still had not paid and had ignored my communications. I started and unpaid item dispute with Ebay. Today I found that she has won more items and not only that has written to me sating how shocked she is at the unpaid item dispute and , get this, telling me how much postage she should be charged!!!!! Lets make one thing clear now: the weight I give of the yarn is just that-the yarn. The CONE weighs more!!! Plus, not being a business, I do not have access to boxes and any type of packing I want. I have postage bags and the yarn has to fit in those. I also have to pay for them. If someone buys a lot, then they get more than one package. It isn't rocket science. It really pisses me off that I will not be able to leave negative feedback for this rude buyer. I will have to be content with leaving none. However, I can BAN bidders and guess who will be first?

The dogs are really very clever, including the puppies. None of them have jumped up at me today and have approached me carefully. Whitney asked if she could ge ton my lap. I let her. She just lies there staring at me. When I look in her face, I sometimes want to cry. Not sure why. I just know I love this dog like I have not allowed myself to love a dog before. It is scary for me. I fell for her when she first arrived and she has for me too.

Today is cool and dull so don't know what happened to the hot sunshine we were supposed to have. It is supposed to be 30c+ next week. The warmth is good for me BUT when it gets too warm, I swell, just like others do, but because of the swelling, the impingement on my spine is worse and thus I get worse. Of course, one cannot command the weather to regulate itself to keep one at just the right temperature!


Yarnhog said...

I'm sorry you're feeling worse. I hope it will pass quickly. Congratulations to Whitney (again)! I love my dogs. They're easier to love than people, because they don't ask for much and can't complain. They don't hold grudges and don't judge. I dearly love my husband and children and certainly don't place my dogs above them, but my life would be much poorer without the dogs.

bignicelady said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. Maybe Blackpool (congrats for Whitney!) was more taxing than you had thought?
And to that buyer: Yes, the sense of entitlement that some people have is amazing. Or as one of my friends put it: Daft as a brush and double as prickly ;o)
Hope you get that payment dispute resolved quickly. Good thing that you can at least ban people like that. *shakes head*
We have two dogs, both rescued, one is an Affenpinscher and probably pure, the other is a Heinz (57 varieties), possible candidates for parenthood are Poodle, Lhasa Apso, Shitzu, Beagle, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier, Dachshund, Bassett... you get the picture. When I am feeling down, Buddy (the mutt) "knows" it, comes over, lays his head on my knee and looks at me with that "I love you anyway, if that is any help" look... or as the advertising industry said... "Dogs Just Know".

AR said...

Hi Colin,

Well done Whitney!

Sorry you're not feeling too good, hope things improve soon.

As for your 'awkward' customer (being polite here) she just doesn't deserve to own any of your lovely yarns.
Delighted to know that you can 'ban her' ;-)

Take care


Anonymous said...

you know maybe you're a bit dehydrated. it's amazing what a difference drinking enough can do. And if it's been hot, but you've been being careful so as not to need to use the darn facilities....

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

Non-paying bidders for ebay are just freakin' obnoxious.