Monday, March 10, 2008

Wet and Windy

The weather, not my IBS. It hasn't been too bad here but in parts of the UK it has been strong enough to knock down trees and stuff. So other than my swim, I have done nothing but watch Footballer's Wives and knit.

I slept well last night and had no pain to disturb my beauty sleep. I am wondering if this is because I took anti -inflammatories yesterday. I also have taken them twice so far today. I took the first dose before my swim and my swim was very much easier and not painful. Co-incidence or not I don't know. I shall see tomorrow.

I am in the process of knitting a sweater on the fine gauge machine. I am using 6 strands of a 2/60 merino high micron fibre. It feels lovely.

When I knit the first sleeve it seemed very long so I measured it and it was 12cms longer than I intended. Although I could not see how, I was convinced I had made an error in my calculation of the gauge. I washed the sleeve and left it to dry overnight. It is now the size I intended. Mmm...I didn't expect that as I only washed the swatch and the sleeve in washing up liquid and in cool water. It hasn't felted and the final handle is perfect. For some reason the unwashed knitting is distorted somewhat.

I have almost finished a pair of socks. Both knitted at the same time on one needle until I get to the ankle and then I separate and knit each on their own needle. It is taking me longer because of the pain in my hands.
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