Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Man And His Chicken.....

One of the most astounding pieces of evidence I ever received and gave was a message from a woman's father who had passed over. I had described him accurately to her and gave his manner of death and other details. I can't recall what they were. I only remember that she was happy and convinced it was her father. The bit I do remember was the clincher: he kept showing me a chicken and ice cream lollies. I could not figure out why so I ignored him. I broke the first rule of mediumship: DO NOT INTERPRET, GIVE WHAT YOU GET. So anyway, this man was determined to be heeded so he kept sending me the image of the chicken and ice lolly. I go the hint and I gave up trying to do what I oughtn't, interpret, and just told the woman what her father was showing me. She promptly burst into tears. I knew then that this image was the clincher but I had no clue why. Her tears turned to laughter(and the church roared too) when she managed to explain that her father had a one legged chicken and he made it a false leg from ice lolly sticks.

Now, can that possibly be described as cold reading? No of course it cannot. There is this sort of accurate evidence being given daily all over the world by decent, honest and dedicated mediums.

Yes there are the charlatans, the cold readers, and the well meaning who are are just crap at it, and the arrogant who think they are good but give no evidence of survival. And yes you will come across all of these on Spiritualist platforms and in other venues. In every walk of life there are frauds and idiots and the gullible and the plain weird.

However, the evidence for survival is out there and it behoves us to seek it out rather than to just take the word of anyone.

It annoys me, to say the least, to have it poo pooed as no more than a confidence trick or a magicians trick(I cannot stand magic tricks and never have been able to-I know from the outset they are lying and tricking so what is the point?) by people who are either prejudiced before investigation or who have not bothered to investigate at all.

Over the last 30 years both John and I have witnessed many demonstrations of mediumship. We heard a lot of crap. We have heard stuff that made us cringe with embarrassment. Heard stuff that made us angry. Have seen and heard the fools. And, yes, if that was all, then we would have dismissed it like so many others have. However, we really did put the effort in and attended many meetings. We have found genuine accurate mediums whose messages have been full of healing and love and above all accuracy and they cannot be explained away with a trite call of 'fraud!' or accusations of cold reading.

Just like the man and his one legged chicken.
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