Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lui's Big Night

Last evening I went to dog training with Lui. I had forgotten it wasn't training but a Match- i.e. a dog show.

Lui was entered as a minor puppy under 6 mths and he won his class. He then went on to beat the other winners of their puppy classes to be Best Puppy. I was both surprised and chuffed. Especially considering he didn't really behave himself.

The judge told me later that he almost gave him the reserve Best in Show and that he thought Lui was a quality puppy.

I know Lui is excellent but he is a very stubborn boy. He seems happy enough when there, wagging his tail etc but then puts the brakes on when he needs to show off. If he doesn't decide it's fun, well that will put paid to his show career - there is little point forcing the issue if he isn't happy with it. You can get a dog to do what is required but they need to enjoy it.

He will be used to mate my two girls later though. He really his a super male, very well made.
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