Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Disagraceful

Shameless has come into season at last. I am not certain which male I will use yet, but think it might me Lui's father. Neither Micah (her dad) or Lui (too young) will be happy!

Swimming went well today. It is still cold here and wet this morning.

I will be posting pictures of the new socks later today. Almost done now. A fine gauge Merino sweater is almost done too-just need to attach the collar and then sew it up. It's a machine knit.

Workmen had parked across the disabled parking bays at the pool. Really it does P me off that able bodied people just pay lip service to disability care. As soon as it is inconvenient for an able bodied person, out goes the consideration for the disabled. The discrimination rampant in this country is appalling. You could not by law treat a person of colour or a gay person like this but if you are disabled, well tough, you will get treated anyway we please and with immunity from the law. No one really gives a toss about it. Especially he supermarkets. Only ASDA now will fine people who park in the disabled bays and it has made a difference-I can park when I get there!

Tesco do not care about their disabled customers. Their disabled bays are taken up mostly by people without badges. Including staff members. When the manger was asked why they did nothing, the reply was they didn't want to upset thier customers. The able bodied ones of course.

Speaking of Tesco, there is an appalling and dangerous situation going on with their ice cream. 15 days ago, I was looking at one of the freezers which was displaying a new coffee ice cream from Italy, made with real beans. I went to get one only to find it was defrosted. I then found ALL of the ice cream in that freezer was defrosted. I told a staff member who thanked me. A few days later, same freezer, same defrosted ice cream. I told customer services. Another few days and same situation so I asked to see the manager, Chirs, who came along and patronised me. He explained that the number displayed on the front of said freezer was the temperature of the said freezer and it was correct and well within the law. So why is the ice cream melted I asked? You can't sell ice cream like that. You can't re freeze ic cream it is dangerous. he just repeated the same crap to me. Today, 15 days later, the said freezer is still full of defrosted ice cream.

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