Monday, March 10, 2008

Ministering To The Dying

A number of years ago now, I was asked if I would go and see a woman who was dying. She knew she was dying. After giving it some thought, I agreed to see her even though I had never ministered to anyone who was dying before. I was nervous to say the least.

I arrived at her home and was taken to her bedroom, where she lay in her bed. We were introduced. I felt as if the room was crowded so knew that spirit were with us. I asked the people who were there with us physically to leave the room so I could talk in private.

The feeling of the presence of spirit grew stronger and I soon began to receive images and words. i described a man to the dying woman, his physical attributes and also the fact that he was telling me that he had a love of music, especially of the piano and that he taught. The woman recognised this as a description of her father. I was then able to discern the presence of a woman. I gave details about her and described her and the dying woman told me this was her mother. I was able to sense the presence of another woman. I became confused because this second woman said that she was the dying woman's mother. I spoke of my confusion. The dying woman smiled and told me that she had been adopted.

The room was literally full of spirit and the feeling was one of peace and calm and love. I told the dying woman that her loved ones told me that they would be there when it was time to take her to her new home. She asked me when this would be. I was flummoxed as I was not expecting to be asked this. I found myself telling her that her what her father impressed upon me: that they would be back for her on the Saturday morning.

She smiled with relief and joy. She died on the Saturday morning.
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