Monday, March 17, 2008

Mad Men

I have now seen 3 episodes of this and I think I like it.

Let me say right off that I think the lead, Donald Draper(Jon Hamm) is very attractive.

What appals me about this is the way the children women are treated. I know it's the Sixties. No wonder Women's Lib took off! really, those men need a good kicking. And this without mentioning the racism and anti Jewish thing. ( didn't say anti Semite cos Jews are not the only Semites). My friend said to me that when she was a young woman in the 60's date rape was so common it was expected. I have no doubt now. It's a shame no one has ever seriously taken up the plight of children.

It seems to be an excellent show though as yet I haven't comes across likeable people although in this 3rd episode, two women are coming to the fore as likeable.

Why are so many programs today made with no characters to like and care about? Have we really become this cynical? Or have program makers forgotten we need to like/sympathise/empathise etc with characters for something to be popular?

Perhaps I am wrong and we don't to need to like the characters anymore, judging from what is popular....
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