Monday, March 17, 2008

Food For Thought?

I did a talk and demonstration last night. The evidence received and given was accepted apart from one.

The one that wasn't accepted was this: I described a very frail very old lady who was not in her mind when she died. She was very very tired. She was about 93-94 yrs upon passing. She said she was glad to go because she was the last one, her friends and relatives of the same generation had all gone. She mentioned a family who had had to leave National Service due to ill health and another who left the services due to what we would now call PTSD.

Although the man who stuck his hand up to claim the woman said he recognised her, maybe, he couldn't understand the rest of the message.

I wasn't happy and we agreed to end that communication.

Early this morning my phone rang. It was a person from John's work to tell him that his sister had tried calling because his mother had died. I called John immediately, having just got back from taking him to the train station. His damned mobile was off(that really annoys me). By the time he did call, I had decided just to tell him to call home. He did and his sister told him.

Later when he called me, it dawned on me what may have happened the night before at my dem. So I told all to John. His uncle was invalided out of the service because of PTSD and John's cousin had to forego National Service and leave because of surgery. She was also the last surviving member of her generation. She also was not in her mind on two counts-she had Alzheimer's (happy Alzheimer's thank God)and she was in a coma.

Interestingly, his mother was not dead at the time of my dem but she was in a coma. She had a stroke Saturday evening and did not regain consciousness at all until being pronounced dead early this morning.....
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