Friday, March 14, 2008

Bananas and Hot Dogs

I am reminded of two more messages where seemingly stupid things meant so much.

One was a man communicating with his daughter. He gave all sorts of things about himself, his life, the life of the recipient of the message etc. Whilst I was listening and speaking what I heard or sensed, I kept seeing bananas. This was many years ago when I did not have the confidence I have now. I finally told the woman what i was seeing. She smiled and said her father had been a well known banana importer.....

This one only occurred a few years ago: a young man killed in a car was communicating thru me to his sister. He again said all sorts of things which his sister said were true. The young man was really quite cheeky and the things he showed me and told me were well within his character. However, whilst he was communicating, I kept seeing a Hot Dog. I was really reluctant to take any notice because of the young man's character-I juts assumed he was being cheeky. As the communication ended and I was about to receive a different message and messenger, I heard myself say 'He keeps showing me a Hot Dog. ' She responded by saying that he owned a Hot Dog stand and that was how he earned his living. If I recall correctly, he was killed while towing it.

I remember these messages because I messed them up, or almost did. They were lessons for me.

Some messages I recall because the recipient was dim to say the least! Many of them are.

The communication was going well. The recipient was accepting of most of what I said apart from one thing: He kept showing me a newsagent shop. She rejected it and said she couldn't understand why. It was so clear to me, but I left it alone. The man though was persistent and eventually I was forced to repeat the question 'did she understand why he was showing me a newsagents?' Her response, again, was no.

Well, I knew something was wrong so I tried a different tack. Okay, do you know if he worked in one? No she said. Did he ever have anything to do with one? No she said. I was getting flustered as the communicator refused to let it drop but the woman clearly didn't know about the newsagents. I decided to end the communication and apologised to the communicator. Just as I left the woman to speak to someone else, she piped and said 'his flat was on top of a newsagent but I don't know why he would say that.'!!!!!!!

This person clearly did not know the purpose of mediumship!

As well as providing healing, it's purpose is to give evidence of our survival after physical death. So communicators tell us stuff about themselves that we know to be true as a means of identifying themselves and also of giving the recipient some food for thought. If a total stranger gives you intimate details of a person you knew who had died, well, it ought to make you think. Yes?

I hasten to add here that I am not in the business of converting anyone to any belief system(I don't follow one myself) nor is it my job to convince anyone that we survive death. It is only my job to fulfil my purpose - which is to pass on what I see, hear and sense to those that wish to receive it. It is not my job to worry about what they do with it. When I go to do my thing, I do the best I can do and leave it behind me when I leave. How the audience perceive it is up to them. I make no claims.

Unfortunately many in my position claim to know God, know God's purpose, know your purpose and in fact know almost everything! Bollocks! Mediumship does not give one a direct line to God or to knowledge. One doesn't even have to be a good person or a spiritually inclined person. Mediums are ordinary people and those that tell you different are either gullible(if they are not mediums) or on an ego trip(if they are mediums).

Mediumship is an ability, maybe a gift, but it is not bestowed only upon saints! In fact I have never met anyone with the ability who even comes close to sainthood, though have met some who are true 'lights' in this world.

It is not an ability I sought out. I was ignorant of it completely. Knew nothing about it. Yet I was a natural medium and didn't know it. When I did know it, I wanted to reject it and I tried. I prayed for it to be taken away. I ignored it, or tried to. I refused to use it. All to no avail. Of course my fundamentalist background, by abuse history and emotional health issues were all very good reasons for me to not want this. I felt weird enough, already felt alone and outside. I didn't want to be a freak too! I also couldn't imagine why on earth I would be chosen to have this ability when I was so f****d up.

Whatever, the reasons for it, I finally accepted it and use it. I know it's power for good and the healing and release it can bring. I have come to see that my life experiences add to it. I am able to sense more and understand more. It is no accident that many of the people I give messages of hope to are people who are as damaged as I was.

I feel ordinary most of the time. Occasionally, I may be driving or walking(okay hobbling) along, drying the dog or knitting and I suddenly think ' F**k!! I see dead people! WOW!' It boggles the mind. Most of the time it seems totally normal and everyday. For me it is.

Now lets see: we need a new medium here. We need someone to go work for us. Oh look, there's this bloke down there, he's frightened of his own shadow, he is anorexic/bulimic, agoraphobic, has OCD, he is grief struck, his family hate him, he is gay, he is disabled, he has manic episodes, he doesn't want to live. Other people think he is weird. I think he is just what we are looking for.

Yeah right!
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