Friday, March 14, 2008

My Family Today

Millie, 13 weeks old today.

Micah - with his Brylcreem on and in the garden, contemplating his 2nd of 23 at Cruft's.
Shameless- couldn't care less about her 5th at Cruft's. Lets get down and dirty.
Lui-probably the best I have ever been over. Now 5mths and stubborn little trucker who may never point if they don't like it. He will make a good stud though. He has been humping since birth almost!
Whitney-what can I say? She knows she is the bees knees.
The voice-making sure she has your attention.
Nechung-10 years old. mum to Micah and grandmother to Shameless. Nothing to Lui altho Micah is his Uncle and Shameless is his Aunty. Nechung hailed from France-haughty and stubborn. Typical Apso.
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