Monday, March 03, 2008

Busy Week

This week is going to be busy.

I have Karen and Gita arriving from Denmark on Wednesday. We will be showing our dogs at Cruft's on Thursday.

Today I go to see the hypnotherapist again.

The swimming is going all right again. I did a mile Saturday and Sunday and today. I shall tomorrow too. I am not feeling fatigued. But not on Wed, Thurs or Fri due to Cruft's.

I have never exhibited at Cruft's despite qualifying 8 different dogs. It is a very crowded event as the public go to it in droves. I am only going because my friends are coming from Denmark.

Oh and I am maintaining my weight at 13st3lbs (185lbs/ 84kg) I want to lose another stone (14lbs / 6.3kg).

I have ideas for some machine knits. I think I shall and flog them on Etsy-give that another go. I am also thinking maybe I ought to bite the bullet and start to sell off some of my yarn stock and machinery....scary!
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