Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mulling It Over

I had a day off yesterday and went and swum my mile today and still came back exhausted and needing to sleep.

I have thought of either doing it every other day, or still every day and cutting down to 40 lengths instead of 64.

I have been doing the mile a day for many months now, and did so during my hard time, with no problems, so I am fairly convinced I am going through a flare now. I am tired all the time and aching everywhere and sleeping a couple of hours in the arvo and still sleeping without waking during the night.

Now there is the school of thought, from the health professionals, that one should continue to exercise anyway. Mmmm, I am not sure.

I need to do other things, like walk the dogs and bath and groom them. I also like to go to my meetings. I can't do this if I am too tired. I still slept in the arvo yesterday and at night but did feel better for not swimming and also got dog stuff done.

I was surprised that swimming today made me feel so crap. Oh, and I did wonder if not eating carbs was not helping so on Tuesday, I ate plenty and still found the swimming painful and hard going so it isn't that. i didn't think ti would be since I rarely eat carbs anyway and usually feel more energetic for it. Starch/sugar and such makes me lethargic and bad tempered and hungry.

Today I think has more or less confirmed I am having a flare. It makes sense when prior to this last week or so, I have had more pain. It has abated somewhat and now I just feel tired and ache all over.
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