Friday, November 30, 2007


Like I said yesterday, my cold is back with a vengeance and worse today.

I will not be going to BUBA tomorrow, the 2nd last dog show of 2007. I am just not up to it.

I have realised that I really have to learn to not push myself so much and take better care of myself.

We are going to Germany on the 20th to visit with Lia and Lui ,and I really want to go and so really need to be well for that. Not just well from this cold/flu(4 weeks almost now!) but from the gastritis and trauma stuff too. That is much better but still there.

Next Friday is the last show of the year. It is HUGE and busy and crowded. I think I will be giving that a miss too. There will be other dog shows. I think my health and stress levels are more important right now.

I don't find this easy. As I said, it makes me feel like a wimp but I know I am just being sensible and taking care of myself.

Last night, after about 4.5 hours sleep, my rib cage started causing pain again. I am wondering if there is some sort of pillow thing I can buy that raises the whole of my back as I sleep? I can't afford right now to buy one of those beds that raises up and down. Besides, this doesn't happen often enough to warrant that expense.
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