Saturday, November 24, 2007


As I walked into the hall where I was to speak this evening, the first person I saw was someone I really cannot abide. I won't go into too much here but I dropped this person in 2002 after having stupidly put up with being used and abused for too long because I allowed them to guilt me into continuing to help them. I wised up though.

Sadly, as much as I try not to actively dislike anyone, I have not succeeded with this person. Not to the point that I would wish them harm or do them harm or even not treat them respect but I still cannot abide them. Probably, aside from my parents, the most self centred and cruel person I have come across who also believes they are above everyone else and are always right.

Not only did I overcome this and worked well, but during the demonstration part, I had to speak with them. That went well too. Upon leaving, I felt a bit down on myself for not working as well as I know I can but that didn't last for long as I soon realised I had worked very well considering the circumstances.
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