Saturday, November 24, 2007

This ,That and The Other

Well, today did not get off to a good start. I did sleep well mind you, a full hours. However, I awoke in pain and it nagged at me for hours. I was grumpy. I felt sorry for myself. I got really p'd off with being in pain all the time. Now, yesterday I had a full body massage and reflexology. Not the first time I have been in bad pain the following day. I am not sure if this is worth doing. I love it at the time - it's very relaxing. I am not sure this pain is worth it though. Anyway, at 1.30pm I went to bed, slept till 3.15pm and have awoken feeling much better. The pain is lessened.

Tonight I have a speaking engagement at 7pm. Not too far, just 20 miles form home.

The puppies are 7 weeks old today. they are rather annoyed with me because I wormed them(again). Each of them screamed with indignation. Yes, Apso are like that. They can make it sound as if they are being murdered just because one is doing something they don't want to be done. It used to be a real problem when i wanted to bath and groom. Until I figured out that if I ignore them totally and juts keep doing the bathing or grooming or whatever it is,they just shut up. I say nothing at all to them. I just let them have their tantrum. They soon figure out that it makes no difference so they quit and I end up with a well trained dog.

My stomach distress is even better today. I have started to take my Protium tablet again and this had made a difference. My Dr told me I had gastritis which I must say because of the state I was in, I took little notice of and didn't know what it was either. Well, I looked it up and learned what it was so thought it might be an idea to take my Protium. I had stopped taking it week sago as I only take it a few days at a time if I get acid reflux. Well, I have not had any reflux at all, no acid pain. However, having read what I read, I realised that taking the Protium could help me heal. It certainly seems to have made a difference. Oh, and re the Diet Coke, I can see how pouring loads of Phosphoric Acid into my gut when I was so stressed was not such a good thing to do!

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