Thursday, November 29, 2007


I did the trip to the stud owner last night. In the wind and rain and it was very dark. The pups were amazing. Not a sound from them. No sick. No poo . No wee. Her decision on the best two pups was the same as mine, although she isn't so keen on the boy as she thinks he isn't butch enough. I think he will be. Micah was a pretty boy but is very obviously male now. Anyway, time will tell.

Two of the pups go their new homes this weekend.

My bloody cold is back with a vengeance! That is 3,5 weeks now. I thought it had more or less gone. Now my head hurts, I have thick yellow stuff, and a sore throat.So I am going to see Elizabeth cos I think I will need antibiotics cos this feels like sinusitis and that is very painful when it gets going and I don't want it to get going so hopefully the pills will knock it out first. Lets see what Elizabeth thinks.

I slept well. I thought I hadn't cos I awoke 5 hours after I went to sleep and couldn't get back to sleep. Or so I thought. I was lying there thinking I couldn't get back to sleep and I decided oh to hell with it, I'll get up. It was almost two hours after I first woke up....
so I got about 7.5 hours last night.

I have three second socks to knit, and have started on one of them-the second of a pair for John. I have also almost done a cashmere sweater order.
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