Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Still Better

My voice is much better this morning-deeper and less squeaky! The dogs do not seemed concerned now.

Remember what I was saying about the unpleasantness with some of the UK based lists? Well, one of them.
Well, I came across a mean spirited post about me from an 'Emma In France'(no link to bio) on someone's blog who had knitted my heel. Her only comment was that she found my blog and posts to UKhandknitters irritating so she ignored them and didn't know about the heel! Okay, who gives a toss, no one can be liked by all. What irks me though is the downright mean spiritedness of such a post. Why bother to leave such a bitchy comment? Plus, I don't often post to that forum because of the bitchiness of too many of it's members. Perhaps Emma In France is just really sad.

I have a speaking engagement tonight and I think I am up to it. My voice is there anyway.

I am about to swatch for a garter stitch (on machine) sweater is a silver grey cashmere/silk/merino mix sweater.
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