Friday, November 02, 2007

Life Goes On

She was walking along the street, near to her home, when he called over and enquired as to how she was doing. She responded that she wasn't doing too badly and accepted an invitation to sit awhile and talk.

It was just over a year since her husband of many years had died and she missed him dreadfully. If only she could have five more minutes with him.

He touched her hand and said that her husband was always with her and that he wanted to thank her for the flowers she placed in his hands. He also reminded her of his love of 50's and 60's music. He had been a teddy boy he said. He then told her he could hear Neil Sedaka's Oh Carol and she replied that she took care of her husband's record collection and she could not find this recording. Finally, he told her that her husband was showing her a ring, a man's ring with a deep red stone in it. She had bought him this ring.

He then told her that when the time came, her husband would be there to take her to her new home.

She returned to her home, still in grief but knowing that her husband had only passed to a different existence and had not ceased to exist.

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