Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Confused Dogs

My voice has gone entirely. I went to the practice nurse, instead of Dr, and I have laryngitis. Duh, I knew that. I awoke at 4am this morning in such pain in throat and shaking with cold even though I sleep fully dressed with socks on! Meaning I wear socks, pjyama's (my tops and floppy trousers)and a t-shirt under it.

Anyway, my poor dogs are very confused. I am having to use sign language for them. My voice is just a squeak. Not so stupid though, as they have figured out what I want. At first they seemed a little afraid of me and my new voice.

Now more than you wanted to know:

One of my concerns has been my guts, as you know very sore. Well, although I have pooed on a regular basis, it has not been much. I was encouraged by the fact I had no blood or diarrhoea. Another duh here: I have eaten very little and when I am eating, just very plain meals like chicken or fish, grilled, with vegetables. No sauces, no nothing. Well, I found out that of course I am not pooing much! I ain't eating much and nothing that bulks! I discovered that your poo is only on the bulky side when you eat carbs-wheat etc. Well I don't cos I am allergic.

I was so relieved to know this. I am one of these people that feels so much more secure when I know the facts and understand them.

Oh and I have lost 21 lbs. BUT not rapidly. This has taken 10 weeks. And includes days I hardly ate at all cos of the upset and also swimming up to a mile a day. I have now lost 100 plus pound all told.

For some reason, I am really getting into fish. I have never really liked it. I love prawns and crab and stuff and sometimes smoked salmon but other wise found fish unsatisfying. Not now. I really enjoy it. I have eaten plaice and cod so far as my main meal. Gently fried in my new Titanium frying pan, with a little seasoning and a drop of oil. Gosh, the pan is amazing. Really. It was £45(90$) on sale but worth every penny. I don't bother with my George Foreman now. This cooks quickly and very well, the meats/fish stay moist. I even now eat plenty of chicken breast cos it remains moist cooked in the pan.

One of the most distressing things about the last while, is that I have hardly knitted or watched any tv. I just haven't been able to.
I am now though and am feeling excited about planned knitting projects and my yarn is now calling to me again.

And I had a 2 hour nap this afternoon!
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