Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What A Cheek!

I was at the pool when it opened this morning. I was first in. I chose to swim in the lane closest to the wall. Here I am less likely to get kicked or slapped by passing swimmers.(One of the hazards of length swimming in public pools.)

I got to the end of my fist lap and a woman asked me if I would move somewhere else as it was more convenient for her to swim in that lane because she liked to do backstroke!

Had this been the old me, I would have immediately moved. Today, I have a stronger regard for myself, therefore I responded with a polite NO.

She wasn't happy. Quite miffed in fact. Thought I was rude. If I had not wanted to get on with my swimming, I would have informed her that:

1. by her mature age (older than I) she ought to have realised that the world did not revolve around her.

2. that her request was plain bad manners.


3. What sort of ****ing idiot swims back stroke in a crowded pool?
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