Sunday, September 30, 2007


I went for my swim this morning.

The disabled changing room(!) was dirty as usual. Dirty unflushed toilet, muddy floors and muddy seat. Scum STILL on shower knob which is one of the plastic dial jobs, not a metal turn knob.

Okay, so during my swim, I was getting rid of this energy-swimming faster and with more effort-because I had promised I was going to keep my gob shut from now on.

Yet, I got back to shower and change and realised I was going to have to put my jogging trousers back on standing up because I was not going to put my naked bum on a dirty chair.

So I tried a different tactic.

I asked the manager, ever so nicely, to come and look. He did. And he saw for himself that I was not lying, not making a fuss over nothing and my name was not Victor Meldrew!

He apologised. And then made a statement which sums up the whole problem in this country and why our service is so dreadful:

'I had to support my staff. You were saying one thing and they were saying another. I have to back them up.'


You see the customer is always wrong and we should shut up and be grateful.

I do wish people here in the UK travelled more in Europe. Yes I know millions of us go abroad every year, but they go to Majorca or a beach elsewhere for two weeks and that is it. If they went to ordinary German towns, for example, they would see and experience what I do-clean environment, reasonably priced goods and food and restaurants etc and excellent service.

Perhaps then things would change here. I really think that maybe people here in the UK have no clue how badly we are treated, how we are ripped off, and how we are disrespected.

I cannot believe that as a nation we truly don't care. I think we just don't understand how different it is abroad.

Just a brief trip to the USA would show how good their service is. I was astonished by it on my road trip. Only once did I experience negative service and that was in the late evening at a mom and pop store in the middle of Stephen King country.
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