Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Early Dip

I awoke at 6.15am and knew I had already slept 6 hours so I got up and by 7am was swimming in the pool. Much better time to go. Not because it isn't busy, it is, but we are all doing the same thing: swimming lengths, which makes it easier.

My dogs looked at me through bleary eyes when I let them out before I went. In fact, I had to force them out. I swear they said to me 'you must be ****ing joking!'

I managed to take them all for a walk last evening. They are really good, they seem to understand that I cannot cope if they are boisterous. I use my walking stick in my right hand and hold all five of them in my left. They walk on well, knowing not to pull or get in my way.

Both the swimming and the walking do me in but I can do as I please after I have done it. I rest or sleep. The important thing is not the pain but the keeping mobile. The longer I can do that, the better.
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