Sunday, September 30, 2007

Andersson Heel Reloaded......

It really is easy.

If your foot is 9 ins long, you need to knit(and have your increases done by) until 7" long. Then you turn heel.

Okay. so lets say you have 10 rws per inch.
7" means 70 rows.

you want to increase 12 sts either side of sole(on sole needles). I prefer to do increases eve 3rd row. So 3 x 12 equals 36. Take 36 away from 70. You need to do your first increase on row 34, then on row 37, then on 40 etc.

Now when you reach row 70 you knit the instep sts. Now you are ready to turn the heel on the sole sts.

Lets say you sock is over 64sts. You now have 32st as your instep and 32 + 12 + 12 on your sole. ie. 56 sts.

You ALWAYS subtract 2 from your original cast on number, so this leaves 30 to take away from 56, which leaves 26. Divide 26 by 2, leaving 13. Now you knit 13 sts PLUS 30 sts.
You have 13 sts left unworked. SSK and turn. sl 1Purl until you have 13 sts left unworked. P2Tog and 1 and knit to gap, ssk, turn, sl1 purl tp gap and p2tog, turn

Just keep doing that until all sts on sole have been worked.

You will be left with 32sts on sole and 32 on instep, just as you started with. Now just knit up the leg.

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Barb said...

Colin, Do you have a picture of a finished Andersson Heel? I think I can do it from your instructions but if I could SEE it, I think it would go better for me. I'm a visual learner.