Friday, September 07, 2007


We were in Sainsbury this evening.

Within a few minutes I had been knocked into by two different customers and one staff member.

I asked customer services if they had a wheelchair I could use. They brought me one that I could not wheel myself in as it's wheels were tiny.

I said so.

The 'customer services' person said I ought to be grateful they were giving me one and that a member of their staff would wheel me around!

I politely told her that this was insulting, that taking away even more independence was not helpful.

The look on her face was 'oh a nutter'. She said 'Really?' with genuine astonishment when I told her it was insulting to offer this chair....

I kept my cool and went away. I did get angry inwardly and felt like going back and crippling the stupid person with my sticks!
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