Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nighty Night

Last night has to be one of the worst nights I have had for a long time. I couldn't sleep for longer than about 30mins before being woken by pain.

First off by acid reflux. I think anyway. Although I have been eating properly. I did eat carbs on Monday and yes, I often get reflux a few days afterwards. Don't ask me why. I also get it at the time I eat the wrong thing.

I say I think because I get this pain even though I take Protium. I have told my doctor this but she wasn't concerned. You'd think a drug given to stop acid that didn't work would warrant something else, no?

Anyway, I get this dreadful burning pain but it's in my side, under my right ribs or breast. I must say though that I have had reflux when I have been hunched over the PC too long and the pain has stayed even upon standing until I take the liquid for it. It then goes str8 away.

Now this pain, although similar, isn't quit the same. It goes as soon as I sit up. I have taken liquid for reflux and it eases but is back as soon as I lay down. I can take a drink of water and it goes. But is back once I lay down.

Previously, it has meant I might have to stay sitting for 10-15minutes before I attempt to sleep again. Then I go back to sleep and that is the end of it.

Last night though, it just kept happening so I kept waking. I also happen to be hurting badly in my legs and hips, perhaps it is related?

I eventually got up entirely at about 4am and tried to sleep in the armchair. The pain didn't return but I couldn't sleep. So I went back to bed. I was awake with the pain again about 40 minutes later.

Interestingly, I got the pain whilst lying on my left side. The pain was in my left side and similar but not the same or as severe.

I am up completely by 7am and no pain since. I feel sore.

Despite how I felt in the early hours, convinced I had a terminal disease and was on the way out painfully, I know that doesn't make sense because this has been happening on and off for about 14 years.

I used to get, but no so often, a very similar burning sensation that would start in my jaw, left or right, and would seem to travel all long my major nerve routes. It was awful and then it just stopped. I still get that but not often.

Anyway, this pain in the side, might be to do with the arthritis or fibromyalgia. Or it is reflux and I just happen to feel it to the right side of my centre.

I feel better for having written all this out because it helps me see it more clearly. More importantly, as I have had this for so many years, it is not likely to be a terminal disease
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