Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nighty Night

Last night has to be one of the worst nights I have had for a long time. I couldn't sleep for longer than about 30mins before being woken by pain.

First off by acid reflux. I think anyway. Although I have been eating properly. I did eat carbs on Monday and yes, I often get reflux a few days afterwards. Don't ask me why. I also get it at the time I eat the wrong thing.

I say I think because I get this pain even though I take Protium. I have told my doctor this but she wasn't concerned. You'd think a drug given to stop acid that didn't work would warrant something else, no?

Anyway, I get this dreadful burning pain but it's in my side, under my right ribs or breast. I must say though that I have had reflux when I have been hunched over the PC too long and the pain has stayed even upon standing until I take the liquid for it. It then goes str8 away.

Now this pain, although similar, isn't quit the same. It goes as soon as I sit up. I have taken liquid for reflux and it eases but is back as soon as I lay down. I can take a drink of water and it goes. But is back once I lay down.

Previously, it has meant I might have to stay sitting for 10-15minutes before I attempt to sleep again. Then I go back to sleep and that is the end of it.

Last night though, it just kept happening so I kept waking. I also happen to be hurting badly in my legs and hips, perhaps it is related?

I eventually got up entirely at about 4am and tried to sleep in the armchair. The pain didn't return but I couldn't sleep. So I went back to bed. I was awake with the pain again about 40 minutes later.

Interestingly, I got the pain whilst lying on my left side. The pain was in my left side and similar but not the same or as severe.

I am up completely by 7am and no pain since. I feel sore.

Despite how I felt in the early hours, convinced I had a terminal disease and was on the way out painfully, I know that doesn't make sense because this has been happening on and off for about 14 years.

I used to get, but no so often, a very similar burning sensation that would start in my jaw, left or right, and would seem to travel all long my major nerve routes. It was awful and then it just stopped. I still get that but not often.

Anyway, this pain in the side, might be to do with the arthritis or fibromyalgia. Or it is reflux and I just happen to feel it to the right side of my centre.

I feel better for having written all this out because it helps me see it more clearly. More importantly, as I have had this for so many years, it is not likely to be a terminal disease


Anonymous said...

Colin, Since this pain has happened on and off for years and is relieved by sitting up, perhaps you should consider buying a really cushy reclining chair that you could sleep in comfortably. Also, in the U.S. home health supply stores have these blocks that you put the legs of your bed's headboard into that will raise the bed about 8 inches thus elevating your upper body. This brings relief to many people who have the acid reflux situation happen when they lay down.

Anonymous said...

I get gall bladder attacks that behave as you describe. Once, gratefully, just once, I had an attack that made me want to die. I became bloated, had diarrhea and great pain. I truly felt I could not handle the pain anymore. Of course, one has no choice in the matter! The attack lasted in the most acute stage for about 1 1/2 hours. I was weak and dehydrated for about another 3 hours. Usually, for me, the pain is moderate, a dull pain, and under my right shoulder blade. I've been told by others that it can last longer and, as I found out, be much more acute. There's medication for it, but the side effects warnings are such that I prefer to ride out the pain.

When you next see your physician, perhaps you should mention this new pain. In my experience, acid reflux doesn't cause the right side pain. I may no know all the symptoms, though.

I do hope you keep feeling better.

Stracey said...

Colin, it sounds like gall bladder to me too. The attack I had lasted two days until I went to the doctor who gave me a Tylenol3 which let me get some sleep and it went away. Gall bladder attacks are nothing to fool around with, they can get very serious and painful.

Anonymous said...

Being in a lot of pain is hard to endure. I hope you are feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

I too would say exactly the same thing and it might be worth getting your gall bladder checked. My friend Linda had terrible trouble and pain. She was having her back treated as she had such rotten back and leg pains. They discovered it was her gall bladder and that it would need to be removed. When they did remove it they said it was in a terrible state, hence the acute pain. I know this isn't probably what you want to hear, but she said afterwards that although there are certain foods she has to be careful with the relief from pain was complete. They said that the likely reason her back and legs hurt so much was because she was unwittingly bracing herself against the pain and holding her back in such an awkward position.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read that your digestion is hurting you. Gallbladder problems are hard to identify as several in my family discovered. Symptoms of terrible pain tended to follow eating fatty food, but not always. My sister used to complain that her shoulder also hurt, which was unusual.

When I read your blog I was reminded of how I felt several years ago, with a fairly sharp pain midway underneath my lowest right rib. The pain wasn't always there so it was a mystery for a while. The pain sometimes occurred about an hour after I ate. It hurt there in the morning sometimes. I was burping, refluxing, hurting, feeling bloated and just not feeling well intermittently. If I sat on a particular chair while knitting (the chair 'forced' a scrunched position), it hurt there. I suspected gall bladder because 3 in my family have suffered with gall stones. Several tests later, including a scope, I learned that a duodenal ulcer was responsible for all of this. I've been on a daily pill ever since to block stomach acid and am feeling good. I still don't eat gritty things like seeds, avoid spicy foods and eat small but frequent bits to avoid the diarrhea caused when food hits a hungry, empty and therefore very acidic stomach.

In conversations with doctors, it helped that I'd documented what I ate, when I ate, and what the symptoms were, but it took a while to diagnose my problem.

If I may, I'd suggest that you schedule an appointment with a good doctor and meanwhile keep a journal of everything that's happening, perhaps like I did. My doc found that info very useful and in fact suspected a duodenal ulcer early on. Needless to say, I am not a doctor, so I hope you accept my comments as 'subjective info only'.

Good luck with your current problems which I hope will soon be under control. Feeling better begins with action and questions, so you're on the right track.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are suffering so much. It is miserable being miserable.

I agree with Kate. Invest in a large cushy chair. I had one that had a heating pad in it. Terrific help for the fibro and spinal stenosis. Along with that, knit the most luxurious, warm, soft throw/afghan you can afford in your favorite color. With a wonderful pillow, you should be properly cuddled.
If you have to sleep in a chair, you might as well do it up first class.

Morandia said...

One thing that works for me with acid reflux (as strange as this sounds) is Apple Cider Vinegar. I take a shot of it after eating (yes, it tastes awful, but for me it works).

As to the pain, I have no idea. Hope you feel better soon!