Sunday, September 02, 2007

German Trip again

These pictures are of Speyer. I really enjoy old places like this.

Holly took us to the museum and we saw an expo about Attila the Hun
which was excellent. We have tried doing this sort of thing before but have not found them accessible. However, they are and fortunately Holly speaks German so was able to ask and we were then able to find the disabled entrance and facilities.

My John is a well educated man, used to teach and an Historian by trade. Holly is a Doctor(MD), Lia is a language teacher and Lui a Professor. I have to say that I often feel completely out of my depth in such company. My education finished at 15 and I have educated myself since. And certainly not in the way these people are. So I am not really able to talk with them in the same way. I cannot have conversations, educated ones,about history of art or history. I handle that most of the time. Sometimes though I feel so inadequate and it can affect me thus: I either clam up and people can think I am sulking or miserable, and I am neither, or I rabbit on nervously and make a fool of myself. I have this voice in my head telling me to shut up! So I think I might have enjoyed myself better if I was could talk with these people on their level. (I hasten to add that no one spoke down to me or anything.)


Lia Nord said...

Well, there's absolutely no need to feel out of your depth with anyone! I think that intelligence is a matter of what you do with your brain rather than with education--in the traditional sense. And we can't, any of us, know everything. I think you're great.

Anonymous said...

You, my friend, do not appear as one whose education ended at 15. You are articulate and witty. I have known some "well-educated" people who were completely out of their element when it came to art. Having an advanced degree doesn't automatically bring with it a wide knowledge base. My husband once decided to laud over me his Ph.D. in psychology (I have a high school education). I informed him he didn't have a Ph.D. in everything. He claims that's when he decided he loved me. I'm rambling, but my point is that you are well versed in a number of areas. Your blog is one of my favorites.

patsijean said...

Education is a continuing process. Your vacation trips, the books you read, the films you watch and discuss all indicate such a process for you. True, your process is not as organized, intense and focused, but you are self-educated. You are smart in different things. My husband has a very big brain, with a Phd. When I first met him in 1980, he had earned his Doctorate in the educational field just the year before. His advisor told me that most of the members of his committee probably did not understand his dissertation. He is now trying to formulate a universal theory of art. An artist friend of ours may work with him on it. He tells me that I am smart in different things than him. You to, are just smart in different things and you have experienced life on a much different level, levels most of us never understand.

anachronist said...

I have to second lia nord, and tell you, it is a matter of waht you do with what you have. Even with 'well educated' people you can meet some which are kind of 'Fachidioten'(the german word for it, meaning they are only well educated in their limited expertise, not having common intelligence) and you can meet a person living on the street and he/she is radiating intelligence and the fact they landed on the street had nothing to do with their education.
Please dont be so harsh on yourself, I think you have done great with educating yourself :-)

fibreclaireUK said...

My education was virtually non-existant in the traditional sense, however eductation doesnt have to be traditional. You are witty, articulate and your comments are always well thought out and deeply thought provoking. Surely a mark of a well educated person is their ability to communicate - something I havent always found to be true of professors, but I have found true in your case. This is why you are on my 'favourites' list. I dont always agree with you, but I understand what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with education - ask John how he'd feel attending a medical convention with Holly and 500 other MDs!

You, Colin, are an autodidact. That means you are free to educate yourself about anything that interests you and not waste time on the rest. And if you find yourself in a situation where you feel less-than-adequate, just keep asking questions -- it's an education for you and flattery for the others.

(Nice hats in the Sandhausen photos, by the way!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for commenting in the past, but I got sucked into reading your blog. It is interessting what you say that no one spoke down on you for having less formal education. Thi sis a feeling I get in Germany, too. In England however people have harrassed me almost for beeing posh or a a snob simply because I went to university! Funny how it works both ways. My partner and I are now pretty settled in Scotland, no worries here at all. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip through the South-West, personally I think it is one of the nicest areas germany has to offer :-)