Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was reading a persons blog.

They mentioned they had been 'saved'. They also mentioned how they felt badly for those people who have not been 'saved'.

One might be forgiven for thinking this was a compassionate soul.

Until one thinks it through, that is.

In order for this person to 'feel for those not saved', they would have had to have both judged and condemned the 'unsaved' first!

In order for this person to think they are 'saved' and others are not, they have to have be self righteous, not to mention arrogant.

So to me this is really a rather sad, mean spirited person who is so desperate to feel good about themselves, they are willing to judge and condemn others to achieve a sense of worth.

Overall, I do think this is a sad person, not a bad person, who makes the same errors as many of us do.

Self Esteem based upon looking down on others is not going to be substantial. Self esteem based upon believing in a god who will save them as long as they give over their minds is not only not substantial but dangerous.


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder, doesn't it---why do people who profess most loudly to be devout followers of a man who preached love and forgiveness, and "judge not lest ye be judged" seem to be the most unloving and unforgiving and judgmental group of all?

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that anyone can believe that a just and good and kind god would condemn the "children" he or she "loves" because said "children" are misguided or ignorant. It seems to me that's what organized most religions are spouting. It seems it doesn't matter how kind or good a person is, if he or she doesn't stand up and spout the rhetoric, he or she is damned to hell.

I believe you are saved by your actions or true beliefs, not by any formal presentations.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,
sad to say, but half America thinks (und talks) like that. I have a daughter in law (almost EX at this point - praise the Lord!) that it takes all my self-control not to hit when she opens her mouth. Well, its almost over, too bad they've 3 kids that have been extensively Sunday schooled and dipped (baptized). Wonder if there's any hope of a NORMAL life for them.
Love your blog, Colin
Christa from Germany

Sheila said...

One reason I left the Baptist church was attitude such as the person you are talking about. It is mean spirited and self righteous. I much enjoy myself do-good-everyday philosophy without the self righteous people.

Miss Me said...

yes! i am completely with you! i know a number of baptists and catholics who firmly believe that only baptists or catholics (as the case may be) will make it into the kingdom of heaven... never mind whether or not heaven exists - if there is something "afterwards", i'm sure that some people are in for a shock! like all those catholics and baptists... ; )