Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I was reading a persons blog.

They mentioned they had been 'saved'. They also mentioned how they felt badly for those people who have not been 'saved'.

One might be forgiven for thinking this was a compassionate soul.

Until one thinks it through, that is.

In order for this person to 'feel for those not saved', they would have had to have both judged and condemned the 'unsaved' first!

In order for this person to think they are 'saved' and others are not, they have to have be self righteous, not to mention arrogant.

So to me this is really a rather sad, mean spirited person who is so desperate to feel good about themselves, they are willing to judge and condemn others to achieve a sense of worth.

Overall, I do think this is a sad person, not a bad person, who makes the same errors as many of us do.

Self Esteem based upon looking down on others is not going to be substantial. Self esteem based upon believing in a god who will save them as long as they give over their minds is not only not substantial but dangerous.
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