Sunday, September 02, 2007

No One Is Perfect

So last night it was just watch a film night. I did not want to knit or do anything, just watch a film.

I chose Premonition with Sandra Bullock, who could be Carly Simon's daughter.

I found the film disturbing and upsetting and would have rather not seen it. However, I was engrossed and intrigued and emotionally affected by it. John on the other hand didn't like it and would have turned it off after 10 minutes!

We then saw a film called Sleeping Dogs which was most unusual to say the least. I cannot say here what the premise was. We did not know when we chose the film. It was entertaining and thought provoking though.

Later in bed, getting my back stroked, I felt really weary, fed up of never feeling comfortable. If not hurting, then aching all the bloody time. This week my hands are burning and aching, my knuckles sore. I have not had real pain in my legs or hips but have been very weak and unable to walk far due to that. So I console myself by saying well at least the pain isn't bad. Then early this morning I am awakened by my hips and have to get up. So it starts again.....

Yes I know moaning is of no use at all and most of the time I am good at ignoring it all and enjoying John, my dogs, and and the knitting. Sometimes though, it just really pisses me off. 24/7 pain or discomfort is annoying at best.

Plus my new spec frames are in. I had to order them cos the nose bridge on mine has broken. I bought the damn frame in Peterborough. This means I can only go on Saturday to collect them because I cannot go on my own(the shop is in a mall) and John needs to be with me. We have not got a free Saturday for a while....

I HATE the dependency this condition brings with it.


fibreclaireUK said...

Oh, I can relate to you.I have ME/CFS amd PTSD. Feel free to moan - it may not change anything but I think the occasional moan is good for the soul. I store it up and go for it every so often whilst clutching a large cuddly toy LOL.

(Claire UK)

Anonymous said...

We watched "Premonition" last night. I found it disturbing on many levels. What's worse, I can't put my finger on what it was that disturbed me. What I do know is this: I didn't like the ending at all.

To further the melancholy, we then watched "In the Bedroom," which isn't anything like what the name would indicate. More angst!

The only upside of these films is they make me think, "No matter what, my life is never THIS bad." That doesn't stop me from fussing, though.