Friday, September 14, 2007

This n That

We went up to Darlington today for a show. Micah and I left here at 4am, there by 7am, left by 11am.

Micah wasn't placed as well as he could have been. 4th. Better than a kick in the teeth. It was the judges' first time and I assumed she would prefer a different type than Micah as her own dogs do not look like Micah. I was right!

I have to give every judge a go and then they either go on the repeat list or not again list. (Unless, maybe, with a different dog)

Luna is 6 week gone and suddenly looks very pregnant.

I am off to bed and will read some more of the latest Potter book. I only read in bed at night so it is going to take a while to read this.

Minnette Walters new book is out this month. I am looking forward to that. Excellent writer. Crime writer but not like any I know of. More psychological exposes. Un-put-downable.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your show didn't finish as well as it could have. At least you expected it a bit.

I'm going to try out this Minette Walters. I've been needing a fresh author. I used to enjoy Dick Frances because of his horse/steeplechase background, but his tales began all to seem the same.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on Minnette Walters. I found my library has it on CD so I can listen and knit!

Anonymous said...

We have done some dog shows with our first Boxer dog and quickly found that the places weren't given to the dogs, but to the breeders ! It depended if they were well known or not....