Friday, September 14, 2007

This n That

We went up to Darlington today for a show. Micah and I left here at 4am, there by 7am, left by 11am.

Micah wasn't placed as well as he could have been. 4th. Better than a kick in the teeth. It was the judges' first time and I assumed she would prefer a different type than Micah as her own dogs do not look like Micah. I was right!

I have to give every judge a go and then they either go on the repeat list or not again list. (Unless, maybe, with a different dog)

Luna is 6 week gone and suddenly looks very pregnant.

I am off to bed and will read some more of the latest Potter book. I only read in bed at night so it is going to take a while to read this.

Minnette Walters new book is out this month. I am looking forward to that. Excellent writer. Crime writer but not like any I know of. More psychological exposes. Un-put-downable.
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