Tuesday, September 11, 2007


So Osama is on the TV spouting his evil and we are encouraged to be upset and hate him.

Funny, when Falwell, Robertson and that ilk are spouting the same evil, we are meant to admire and praise.

Ooops, how silly of me.

The first is a Muslim, so is evil anyway. The second two are Christian, so are naturally good.

I get it.


Terri wrote:
I, for one, don't think he's evil because he's Muslim, it's because he preaches hate. (Yeah, I'm judging...) etc

I reply:

This is my point Terri. I should hope you DO judge his preaching as evil. Note I think his preaching is evil not him. )This harks back to my earlier post about condemning behaviour/attitudes not the person.)

The other point I was making is that Robertson and Falwell also preach hate but that is not noticed. The fact you failed to mention this in your comment makes my point clear.

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