Friday, September 07, 2007

Sweaters On Ebay

I have put 8 of my sweaters on Ebay. The link will take you to one of them. When you get there you will see a link which says 'view seller's other items'. Click on it to see other sweaters.


Anonymous said...

You're sweaters are absolutely gorgeous! Oh how I wish I could afford one for my husband...
Good luck with them, I hope they bring you lots of money!
Kat Robertson (TownsendSocknitter's group)

Suna Kendall said...

Yeah, I really admire your machine knitting skills. How I would love one of those cashmere blend ones to wear at work (but am too small).

I wonder if we are related. My grandfather was Oscar Anderson. But only one "s" and he was from Sweden. ;-)

Sheila said...

Colin, the sweaters are wonderful. Good luck with Ebay.

Unknown said...

The sweaters are beautiful. Unfortunately the lady's sweater will be too small and I don't have a gent available who will wear a I won't be bidding. Good luck with the selling!

Anonymous said...

I am blown away by the simple elegance of your sweaters. I breifly considerd gaining 4 stone so the pink cashmere sweater would fit me but then I thought that might be excessive :-) No, seriously. I regularly come past your side and enjoy both the knitting and the dog admiration equally.
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
thanks for visiting my blog and the reassurance. While I regularly visit other blogs it still surprises me when people show up in mine :-) I was maybe exaggerating with the four stone, but yes, the jumper would be way to big for me, I'm not much taller than a parking meter. It's a bonus, I can knit jumpers for myself really quickly :-)