Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Click on the link above. This is about an 11 year old boy who hung himself when he could not endure the bullying any more.

He was not considered 'normal' and no one at his school thought anti gay bullying should be addressed.

You may not realise it Anonymous but you and all who think like you allowed this to happen, allowed the bullying to happen, allowed this boy to be hounded to his death at the age of 11.

Every time a gay person, who one perceived to be, is bullied or killed, every time a person of colour is abused or killed, every time a woman is abused or killed , or a child is abused or killed, ALL those people, regardless of their actions or non action, who think that gay people, people of colour, women and children are LESS than, are responsible. Why? Because you give fertiliser to the growth of hatred.

Personal Responsibility has much wider ramifications than we like to think.


BammerKT said...

OMG. My son will be 11 on Monday and this just breaks my heart. Poor angel. I hope CNN covering it will help someone do something to help kids like this. I know my stepson was bullied as a kid for the same reason and sometimes I wonder how he made it.

It looks like his mother tried so hard to make it stop too. What a shame.

Macy from Buffalo, NY said...

OMG. Poor baby. Poor mom. I was teased as a kid for a variety of reasons, but to be THAT desperate at age 11 to make it stop - that's a terrifying reflection on our schools, our society and our attitudes. It's so senseless and sad.

Nan said...

These stories are so heartbreaking. Certainly kids tease each other and they will pick up on the least little thing. My particular bane was having a strange name and being very poor. But to hound a poor child to death.....what has this world come to?

It has been published here in the U.S. that gay teens have a much higher suicide rate than teens in general. And the LGBTT community is very good with outreach, but this is all of ours to change.

Iris said...

This is just horrible.

It's true. We don't know what kind of ramifications our comments might have. I, for one, will be highly conscious of my comments - even more so than usual.

Anonymous said...

Having a child who went to a performing arts high school made me aware of how big a difference being accepted can make. There she could dress differently, her friends could be who they really were and no one made was belittled for purple hair and liking someone of the same sex. They were just teens and are all still friends in their 30's.

Anonymous said...

The other thing is when people tell "jokes"-and I use the term loosely because they aren't funny-that insult we need to call them on it. We need to say I don't think that is funny. Picking on or making fun of people isn't funny. Melinda Allen

FuguesStateKnits said...

And we wonder why the bullied take out guns and kill their classmates! That's the other side to this! I am so FREAKIN' sick of kids dying because we moronic adults don't get that PEOPLE are more important than ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!!!! More important than creeds, business, profits, wars, property, ANYTHING!!!