Sunday, August 09, 2009


The yarn is Admiral Flake (2014) by Schoppel-Wolle. It is 75% Virgin wool 25% Nylon. 420m per 100g. I used 2mm needles. The gauge I got was 9.5 spi and 14 rpi, thus showing that indeed colour of yarn DOES alter gauge. I knew this but some people seemed to think I was nuts to think so. These socks are, like the Harvey Milk socks, shorter than I would have liked due to the increase in rows per inch. The needle used was KnitPicks 2mm circular, 60cm length, each sock on it's own needle, knitted simultaneously. I used my Andersson Toe Up Method and Andersson heel Mach II(revised). The pattern is simple. 4 by 1 garter rib, with the 4 cabled every 8 rounds.

I am most disappointed, initially angry, to receive an email from one of the List Moms (what a ridiculous moniker that is) of a group I belong to complaining that my posts were considered by many to be corrupting to children who may read the list! These were not the words used but it is what was meant. I was told that my posts were about drug use and sexual innuendo were not welcome. The whole tone was unpleasant and written in such a way as to suggest that I was advocating and promoting illicit drug use and that my writing was salacious. They had many private complaints about my posts and how they would be be corrupting to children. I bet they did! From homophobes and those jealous of me for other reasons. The complaints were not seen for the thinly disguised prejudice that they were and I received an email that cannot be taken back and am left feeling quite unwelcome on that list. The really daft thing is: sexual innuendo is entirely interpreted by the READER. I hardly think innocent children would make such interpretations. I also found it really offensive that my needing medication to deal with the truly awful affects of a disease, without which my knitting would not be possible, is classed as 'drug use' and therefore corrupting to children, and must not be mentioned even in relation to sock knitting.

I know many Americans and those I know are not like this but people, you need to know that this type of thing is a very good example of why the USA has the reputation it has for being full of right wing bigots full of hatred and wacky ideas with little or no education.

I don't often seriously get miffed by email nonsense. I am more than miffed by this. My feelings are hurt. And they are hurt because I know what lies behind this so called 'protecting children from me' missive. Oh and I am not saying the person who wrote the email to me is the instigator, just that they were given the ammo to use against me. Also, don't misunderstand, I know all about non topic posts and I rarely do, and many others do, yet I was singled out and not for the off topic but for the danger to children my posts posed. Had the email just been a friendly reminder about non topic posts, I'd have not been at all offended and taken care to remember. It wasn't though and the rest of the email betrays what it was really about.

I will continue to post when I have completed a pair of socks cos I know people like to see them and I shall answer any questions privately.

Such a shame that something so enjoyable had to be ruined by people's spite and ignorance and intolerance and ultimately allowed to be by those with the power to stop it.

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