Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It's not always easy to ignore the spite of others. It still, even after 50 years, baffles me why people want to hurt others. Oh, I understand wanting to hurt others that have hurt those you love or yourself, though it hasn't been a feeling I have had in any strong way. Wanting to lash out at benign people baffles me. I also find it hurtful, as embarrassing as that is. I try to let it wash over me and I suppose I get better at that. This week though it has not been so easy. Each time it has felt like I got kicked in the stomach. Mainly because the kicks have come without warning. Oh, I know it will always be. there are always going to be sad people around who want to hurt those they see as having what they think they ought to have or are just not they way they think they ought to be.
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