Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I telephoned Kollage Yarns. I was put on to a man named Mark.

Mark could not have been more helpful. First of all, I am getting a complete refund and I do not have to send the needles back.

Secondly, they are developing a thicker cable. I will try those when they are available.

We had quite a chat. (I was telephoning Birmingham, Alabama and loved the accent though I did have to say , no it's COLIN, not COLON!!!!).

Mark was very helpful, friendly, and not at all put out. He is aware of the problem with SOME of us. It seems these needles are loved by some and hated by others. For the exact same reason. In other words, some love the cable and some don't. There appears to be no in between.

Now do remember I am talking ONLY about the circulars. I think the needle itself is wonderful and I am sure those who use the Hedgehog to knit their socks would love thier dpn's.

I can't recall who told me about the thicker cable but I am so glad you did. If you had not, I would not have bothered to call and let them know what I thought of these.

I am astonished to be getting a full refund. Their customer service is excellent.

I did tell him I was going to write here and let you know. It is only fair to put both sides of this. He was so nice I sort of felt bad for moaning!

So now you know. Kollage Yarns are excellent to deal with. You may or may not like the square circulars (!) as they are at present but there is soon going to be a thicker cable alternative. They will then do the circulars in BOTH cables.
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