Monday, August 10, 2009


Today started off with John having to haul me out of bed. I am okay now that I am up and moving about.

I had night terrors last night for the first time in I don't know how long. I don't know what they were about. I only remember the first one, or rather just remember John waking me by stroking my back. He says that although I awoke gently from that one, I continued to yell and fight when I went back to sleep. I recall nothing of that.

Last night we watched DOUBT. Ultimately a disappointing film. It would have been a good film to play before an audience and then have a discussion about it, but just to watch it like we did left us a bit cold. I have to say I cannot think of an actor better than Meryl Streep. No matter what she does, she doesn't play Meryl Streep, always whatever character she is.

Last week we watched Passengers, Knowing, Harvey Milk and Young Victoria. We enjoyed all of them.

Today is going to be a rest day. I shall watch DVD's and knit. Nothing else. I figure out after Paignton that I need two days to recoup after a dog show, not the one I was allowing myself. Still, that was better than the not allowing myself any rest all!

I received two of the nicest compliments ever on Saturday. Two young men who were collecting litter (garbage) at the showground stopped me and told they thought my 'suit' was really cool! They were about 16-18. I was really complimented because for them to say that to an old fart meant I must have looked good and not silly.(I worry that I look like the male equivalent of mutton dressed as lamb.)

The second compliment came oddly. I was about to get back into the car at the services on the A1 when I young woman pulled into the disabled parking spot. She clearly had no Blue Badge. I watched her as she and some children got out of the car. I said nothing whilst I figured out what to say(I was tired and sore so not quick off the mark.) The woman said something about my clothing and to be frank I didn't really hear her. She then said: I am not taking the piss, I mean it. You look really handsome and very few man can get away with wearing pink. I still said nothing. I was totally flummoxed. I did say thank you eventually and said nothing about how careless she was about parking where she was not entitled by law to. Anyway, the children were hers and I thought she was their older sister. Seriously. She looked barely out of her teens but was in fact 30.

Weird, but I tell you it is true, on the days I feel insecure about my outfit for that show day, I get stand out compliments. Did I mention that at one show, I could see this tattooed skinhead coming toward me? I tell you, if I could have, I'd have moved away quickly. When he got to me, I was floored because all he was doing was complimenting me on my clothing! Even though I object, I found myself judging him just by the way he looked. He frightened me basically. Till he spoke.

I have been nicely surprised at the comments I have had on my blog and in private emails with regard to the email list I wrote about. Thank you all. I don't feel so put out today but it still tastes bad in mouth.

My next show is not until the Sunday after next, in Wales. A difficult journey as the Royal Welsh Showground is not easy to get to. Anyway, I have nearly two weeks to sort out my wardrobe for it!

The weekend after that is Scotland and a back to back show. The Scottish Kennel Club on the Saturday and the Scottish Lhasa Apso Club on the Sunday. I have a farmhouse bed and breakfast for Whitney and I to stay in. I will drive the 350 miles there on the Friday. Have only a few miles to drive on Saturday and Sunday, and the 350miles back on Monday. I don't know how I will manage. I will be on my own as John will be staying to look after the dogs at home. It's the doing it on my own that makes me feel trepidadious. I used to do stuff on my own. Like drive 1300 miles to Oslo. But now I am unfit and that makes a difference. (my spell checker says trepidacious is not a word. It ought to be., I like it and it's meaning is obvious.)
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