Thursday, August 13, 2009


I just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All 2hrs and 40 minutes of it. Why? I kept waiting for the film to get to the point. It seems there wasn't one.

I watched Hancock and quite enjoyed that. Different anyway. I also saw Confessions of a Shopoholic. WHAT!!!!? I cannot believe they still make films like that. Offensive to women, still depicting them as empty head bimbos who only want to shop. A truly icky film and I like rom coms but this was tripe.

I started to watch Australia (Hugh Jackman anyone?) but stopped because I think John would like to see it after all. i thought, as did he, this was just a romantic drama. It is clearly a comedy, or at least not what we thought. We'll watch it at the weekend.

Two new shows on tv we gave up on.

Fringe-a bad attempt at another X-files type show. Cringe making acting.


Gave both three episodes and that was it.

I did not swim today. I had a crap day yesterday, Nightmares again last night. This not being able to swim everyday has been going on all this year and I think the last couple on months of last. So me thinks I need to stop trying to and making myself knackered and pithed off and ill and sore. Face facts. The days of being able to swim daily have gone. I can cope with pain, I can cope with tired, what really p's me off is my body dictating what I can and can't do. It is really annoying me, interfering in my pleasures and fitness. I am afraid of not swimming. I do not want to put on weight again. The irony is that I am likely to if I continue to force myself to swim because I get so sore and tired and done in that I end up eating foods that are not good for me and exacerbate. I haven't explained this very well. I mean pain I can deal with, fatigue I can't. The more fatigued I am the less I can sleep and the less I can think until I stop functioning altogether.

I am going to give every other day a try. And I am going to go to bed earlier and maybe get up later. I don't need a whole 1.5 hrs before I leave for the swim to be up. Maybe I can cut it down to 1hr. it depends on how long it takes me to get out of bed. I am always sore and very stiff in the mornings and I often have to roll myself out so I fall onto my knees.Oh anyway, you don't need to know that. I am just going to see if I can alter some things so I can keep up my swimming.

My new socks, Liam, are half way done. very simple pattern, lovely yarn from Blue Ridge given to me by my friend Lia in Germany but she is from the USA.

No show this weekend. Then from the following weekend it is all go. The Welsh on that Sunday, then a Scottish double the following weekend and so I shall be away for 4 days. Home and then another show the next weekend. In fact i think there is one very weekend now until November. I think I am giving the last 3 shows of the year a miss. Undecided yet.

I have bought some beautiful cotton materials to have made into waistcoats for me.

I also succumbed to OnLine's new Butterfly range of sock yarn. I bought the whole collection of 8 colourways.
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