Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My boots for Scotland. Where else? The three below are just some others that found their way here.

The Welsh went well. Whitney won her Limit class and went on to win the RCC. She now has 3 CC and 4 RCC. From now on she is in the Open Bitch class.

This weekend we have two shows on Saturday and Sunday in Scotland. The Scottish Kennel Club Show is on Saturday at the Royal Highland Showground and the Scottish Lhasa Apso Club show is in Boness on Sunday.

I leave here Friday and come back Monday. I am nervous about this trip. It is the first time I have been away like this on my own since my disease took hold. I was telling Mandy how I was concerned about getting dressed or undressed after the show and she told me that she was staying in a hotel close by and just to call her and she would help me as long as she didn't have to see my 'winkie'!

Yesterday I did nothing but the essentials-i.e the dogs. I could barely walk and John had to haul me out of bed. I took plenty of drugs and slept well in the afternoon and last night. I am not swimming today and will have another rest day. In fact I might have rest days until I I go to Scotland on Friday. (Oh saw the doc and she upped the amytryptaline to see if that will help me sleep better without the spasms that wake me. I was right about the sleeping pills not being the answer-she said we would have nowhere to go once they stopped working, and they will stop working if one takes them nightly. It seems that the spine damage in the thoracic region is what causes these spasms. My three worst regions are lumbar, thoracic and cervical-so basically the whole spine! It is rather weird where one gets the pain which stems from these three damaged areas. I also found out that arthritis attacks different joints at different times. Hence why the pain seems to move around. My hands have been okay for a while now but not my feet. I also discovered that my Docs really do help. As soon as I had them off, my feet and lower legs started and I had much difficulty walking. It feels like they crunch when I move. It's the Airwair souls on the Docs that make all the difference. Of course they are very difficult to get on and off, and oft times impossible on my own!)

Whitney is in season, started yesterday. I hope Bridget and Carly come in too a sit will be easier to have them all done with together. I am now having to keep James and Luque away from them and they can't go out together into the garden.If the two young girls do come in season, then this will go on for a month. Longer if they don't synchronize. The one drawback to keeping dogs and bitches as indoor pets rather than kennels. Anyway, it will not be much of a problem until the girl)s) ripens. Then the boys will be really distracted!
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