Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I went to Paignton in Devon yesterday for another dog show. Whitney won the RCC (res Best Bitch). Angie, whom I go with,( we share fuel costs), won both her classes with her dogs.

The day was awful. It rained all the way there (260 miles) and all the way back(260 miles) and the whole time we were there.

I wore my ivory tux, lavender trousers, silver/lilac waistcoat, lilac cravat and purple, lilac and pink Kickers. No photo but I will get one taken. I shall ask a neighbour to do it for me.

On the way home, we stopped for coffee. What a performance. Bear in mind we both have buggered spines. Just getting out the car was a performance and a half and had you heard the grunts and groans but couldn't see us, you may have had a different image entirely of what we were doing.

We got our coffees and got in the car. As I was reversing , my wet foot slipped off the clutch and the car stalled and jerked and Angie's coffee, which was on it's way to her mouth, spilled down her front. All I heard was : ohh, my titties!!!! I hadn't at that point seen what had happened. I burst into hysterical laughter and she joined me. It was quite a while before I could stop laughing. Now, it wasn't her scorched boobs that made me laugh but what she said and how she said it. It still makes me giggle when I her recall her tone, like a very surprised little girl, and her use of the word 'titties'. Well, it tickled me anyway.

The weather is YUK today. Cloudy, grey and very hot and sticky. Still air. Fortunately, the dog show in Bournemouth on Saturday has sunny and dry weather forecast. After this show we have almost two weeks without one and then I have 4 in under two weeks.

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