Thursday, August 27, 2009


I am about to go to bed. I leave for Scotland in the morning. It's a 335 mile drive to the b&b farm. That is only a few miles form each show, the Scottish Kennel Club on Saturday and the Scottish Lhasa Apso Club on Sunday. I will drive back on Monday.

I have my outfits sorted out, will take a camera with me. Whitney will be bathed in the morning before I leave.

I am taking my aran sweater on the needles and two pairs of socks on the needles, one for John and one for me.

I am taking the portable fridge. My biggest concern, apart from wondering if I will manage to dress myself or ratehr undress myself and will I be fit after the drive, is the food situation. I can't take the portable fridge to the show, too heavy and besides nowhere to plug it in. I doubt it holds enough food to last me 4 days. At the shows, only fast food will be available so I must make do with what I can take. Honestly, if I could choose to have either this food thing taken away from me or the pain problem, I'd choose the food issue with no hesitation. It's a real PITA. I dare not go off and eat what is easiest as I have no idea what will happen. Sometimes, I manage to get away with a sandwich. Other times I get bad cramps and poos and terrible bloat. The last things I want when travelling or showing. On the Saturday I ought to be able to find a supermarket open to replenish my stocks but Sunday? Maybe, it depends when I leave the show. I think the B&B lady said they only do cereals and juice, both of which are definite no no's for me.

I am trepidacious about this trip but excited too. (Yes, I made that word up - I like it.) OOPs I lie! I decided to go check on Google and in fact Trepidacious is a word and it means exactly what I mean-anxious, fearful, etc. Goodness knows now if I made it up or read it somewhere. It just popped into me head and sounded just right.
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