Saturday, August 15, 2009


No, dear readers, I do not mean you. I do believe I am sick. I might even have swine flu. I feel dreadful. I was good yesterday until half way thru the afternoon when I just quite suddenly felt bad, really bad. My energy went. My head feels as if it's in a big muffler or stuffed with cotton wool and I ache all over, though to be frank, that part is hard to know if it's any different to normal. My voice has gone weird, croaky and squeaky. Put it this way, I did not go shopping last night. For those who know me, you know it must be serious for me to forgo shopping.

I have awoken today not feeling any better and my head feels worse. Being the self sacrificing kind of person that I am, I have dragged myself out of bed just to come and write for you.

I was awoken by a knocking at the door. It was the postwoman, Floss. Lets just say I could not go to open the door because of my EME and needing to pee. I wouldn't want to shock the poor thing. John was without an EME so I made him go to the door.

Amongst the mail was another card for Whitney. She has had loads congratulating her on her gaining her Crown. Really many more than I would have expected.

Thankfully I have no show until next Sunday. I hope I am fully recovered from whatever this is by then with enough well days before the show. Otherwise I might have to give it a miss because the following Friday is a 4 day show in Scotland.

I admit to being concerned about the Scottish trip. I will be on my own. John won't be there to help me dress/undress nor to haul stuff in and out of my car. I may end up having to sleep in my boots! I have a pair of Tartan Doc Martens especially for this show. Pink tartan. Patent leather.

The photograph on this post is the one I am going to use for the advert in the dog press.

PS: we finished watching Australia last night. It changed from the comedy it seemed to be into the sort of film I thought it was in the first place-an epic romance. Yes, Yarnhog, I kept watching because of Mr Jackman otherwise I might well have turned it off. John wasn't impressed and would have turned it off after 20 minutes.
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